My name’s Dex Of West Water. I’m an Ohio born rapper, and producer for West Water Productions. I’ve been tearing up the stage, with a unique blend of midwest twist, and captivating melodies, since 2008. Aside from turning heads at every show, I’ve also delved into producing my own instrumentals. Currently I’m producing and writing my first, all-solo project. Which, I assure, will NOT be slept on. Most of my musical influence came from rappers like, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, and DMX, which, essentially were my introduction to rap as a youngster. I’ve also drawn influence and inspiration, from rock and roll. Classic rock, as well as 90’s era rock, were, and still are, a source of inspiration for me. I feel like I’ve been on a higher caliber, than ALL local artists, since my first stage appearance. I’ve done shows from Dayton to Celina, and ALL around Ohio, including, our recent nomination to the second round of the Battle Of The Bands, in Columbus. Richmond, Indiana. Chicago, Illinois. and Frankfort, Kentucky, to name a few, are places I’ve traveled to, for opportunities to spread the music that we create. Here are some links to letcha know, just what I’m talkin’ bout….

This is one that I produced, and recorded, but has yet to be mastered

Another un-mastered song that I produced and recorded , for my solo… I highly suggest, that you listen to this. It’s that much more masterful in person, or on stage

Here’s a sample of some verses , that I’ve completely wrecked….

AND… One more to track down more of my recent music…

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