Download the new mixtape from West Water, Just Add Water.  Featuring Dex of West Water, Hype, Beef, Traxtar, Erik D., and more.

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the HIGH QUALITY MP3 version of Just Add Water

Track List

1. Dextro – Dex
2. Walkin’ With A Lean – Dex featuring Traxtar & Mdot Lee
3. Mach Speed – Dex featuring Hype & Traxtar
4. Cold World, Ugly Life – R.O.X. featuring Dex & Traxtar
5. Nasty –  Beef featuring Dex & Hype
6. Smokin’ Chokin’ – Dex, Traxtar, & Hype
7. I’m Gone – Erik D. aka Eddie Daw$on
8. Feet On The Ground – Dex featuring Hype
9. Smokin’ Reefers? (Skit) – Dewey Cox
10. So High –  Dex featuring Beef & Hype
11. Klondike – Hype
12. Ohio Ridah – J-NiBB featuring Dex
13. Imma Make It – Erik D. aka Eddie Daw$on
14. Be Water My Friend (Skit) – Bruce Lee
15. Ransom Note – Hype, Lee Mayja, Traxtar, Beef, & Dex
16. One Girl – Hype
17. Know Dat – Erik D. aka Eddie Daw$on
18. The Bong Song – Traxtar featuring Beef, Hype, & Dex
19. How I Do It – Dex featuring Jay Roc & Grind Time Central
20. Secret Society (Speech) – John F. Kennedy
21. Waste Water (Mix) – Dex, Erik D. aka Eddie Daw$on, Hype, & Big Frank

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One Response to “Just Add Water”

  1. Savina Johnson says:

    Im loving it…
    My favorite so far is feet on the ground and nasty .. Yo mom Ms. Candy allowed me to listen and all i can say is wow… Lol… Id ride through the hood anytime bumping westwater yes sir yes sir… Haven’t. Listened to it all but will… Thx for putting out great music ✌

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