Professional Portraits & Digital Paintings

I can create you a great professional portrait or piece of artwork. The prices vary from $75 and up depending on the complexity of the project. These works are created in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Tablet and can be any size you prefer. I can do any style from Caricatures, Cartoons, to Photo-Realism.  If you prefer the traditional mediums I can do this as well.  I can use pencils, ink and pen, scratch board, charcoal, and acrylic or gouache paint on your choice of paper or canvas. (Prices vary depending on size and complexity.)

Graphic Design Services

  • Coprorate Identity (Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, etc.)
  • Flyers/Posters
  • CD/DVD Covers
  • Direct Mailing
  • Point Of Purchase
  • Billboard Design
  • Magazine/Newspaper Ads
  • Package Design
  • Catalog Design
  • Menu Design
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Custom Sign Design
  • and More…

Web Design & Development

» Planning: Structuring a website is crucial to its success. In this phase we’ll plan your site’s architecture, layout, and usability. All of these aspects are foundational to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), accessibility, and standards-based development.

» Hosting & Domain Name: We will help you get set up with web hosting, which we offer, and a unique domain name that best suits your business or brand.

» Custom design: With every customer, we discuss exactly what their site should look like and after that we start from scratch to begin the mock-ups. We will create 1 design and send it to you and you’ll critique it, and we make changes accordingly.

» Content: You know your business better than we do, so instead of us creating your content, we organize it so that it’s search engine and user friendly.

» Testing and Launch: While in the development phase you will have access to a live version of your site and will be able to see the progress made as well as have the ability to ask questions and make changes. Once the site is complete, we will publish your website live and make sure everything is working properly.

Professional Audio Production Services

Contact us for a quote on Professional Audio Mixing and Mastering Services.  All audio services are done in Logic Studio.  For info on how to prepare your projects for us to be able to use, just contact us and let us know what software you use.  We also can produce custom instrumentals for you, pricing varies.